First time clients may schedule an appointment to open an account  by booking online now or by calling our In-Take location Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm (781) 449-7344.  

We currently are NOT accepting Walk-In visits.


You will have a chance to read our Consignor Agreement and ask any questions you might have. We will review your items and offer some feedback when finished.  We do not price on the spot.

How to Prepare

It's as simple as this... 

We expect resale items to be in the exact same condition you wish to buy them:

  • Select a minimum of 3 items; no more than 30, in new or like-new condition.  Pieces of jewelry, shoes and purses count as items

  • Clothing should be current contemporary style within the last two years. Exceptions may be made for Luxury brands.

  • All items should be in the current season. This can be tricky in New England! Ask yourself if you would wear it in the next two weeks, if it's a yes, then bring it on in.  


Spring- February-April ​


Fall- August-October

Winter/Holiday- November-January 

  • All garments cleaned/pressed or freshly laundered on hangers.  You may attempt transporting in bags, but we will not accept any wrinkled items.​

  • Check for broken zippers, missing buttons, torn hems, spots and stains. 

  • Items should be free of odors-perfume, smoke, mothballs  and pet hair

  • Sizes 00 to 24

Feel free to view our Consignor Agreement here.


After your first appointment, you have a variety of options  to consign more items:

Appointments:  Schedule an appointment to have your items reviewed by our team and reclaim the unacceptable items . 

Walk-In:   Not during COVID.       

Drop N' Run:  Use our super fast & convenient, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED "Drop n' Run" program. Leave up to 30 items, 5 days a week!  We will not review items with you.  Unsaleable items will be donated. No need to wait around! You live a busy life and have places to be.